Timesheet approvals

It's optional

Sometimes timesheet approval is a must. Sometimes not. Your call. You can choose if timesheet approvals are in use.

Multiple steps, when needed

Timesheet approval process can contain one or more steps. E.g. make project managers accept their project actuals before supervisors.

Create your own approval process

Want to approve actuals every week? Or only monthly? Actually let’s you choose the approval cycle length that matches with your company’s process.

Timesheet approval will help you stay organised

Using a timesheet approval process you can trust the time reports are correct and stay unchanged. After an approval cycle has completed, all actuals will be locked and ready for further reporting.
Sometimes you need just a project manager's stamp that everything is ok. Sometimes more than one approval layer is needed. Actually allows you to define a simple or a more complex approval definition as is needed.
Approval process for timesheet