Time tracking can be a straightforward operation.

How to get started?

Add projects

Add one or more projects at once. Simply type their names and hit add.

Set up project team

Select people who will be tracking their actuals in the project. Also define who are the project managers in the project.

Create project task structure

Add multiple tasks to a project at once. All project tasks are then available for time tracking.

Add multiple projects at once to a timesheet
Change timesheet daily capacity with workday lengths

Custom working hours

Flextime calculation

Actually calculates flextime balance for each person. A single day’s balance is calculated by comparing day’s actuals with that date’s workday length.

Changes in workday lengths

Sometimes a person's workday length may change. Be it a part-time worker, or some other reason - in Actually you can schedule changes in people’s work day lengths

Manage your calendar

A default work calendar is from monday to friday, but with Actually you can create your own rules and add additional holidays when needed.

Time tracking on browser and mobile

Weekly view on browser

Type in hours even for the whole week at once. It's a quick way to add hours and you get an overview of all your weekly work.

Simple also on mobile

It contains a clear view of your day's work with optional notes.

Control your timesheet

You decide what tasks are shown in your timesheet view. Keep only those tasks visible you are currently working on. Add more later, if needed.

Compare timesheet actuals to their budgets

Follow-up your project progress

Task budgets

You can set a target time budget for each task in a project. The project budget is calculated from the task budgets.

Monitor project progress

Compare project’s hours to set budget and get visual feedback of the current status. Budget overrun will be indicated with clear colour coding.

Timesheet approval helps you stay organised

By using a timesheet approval process you can trust that the time reports are correct and stay unchanged. After an approval cycle has completed, all actuals will be locked and ready for further reporting. You decide how many layers of acceptors are needed.

Multiple steps, when needed

Timesheet approval process can contain one or more steps. E.g. make project managers approve their project actuals before supervisors.

Create your own approval process

Want to approve actuals every week? Or only monthly? Actually let’s you choose the approval cycle length that matches with your company’s process.

Timesheet approval

Report the time spent on projects

View the individual actuals

A clean report for viewing all actuals between a desired date range.

Filter actuals with various criteria

Filter the actuals with different kinds of criteria. E.g. by customers, projects and/or people.

Group actuals by multiple dimensions

Aggregate the data in your reports. You can group the actuals by multiple columns, e.g. project, person and/or date.